Heathrow escorts love it when Argentinians stopover. they are so sexy

Working as a Heathrow escorts is great, you got to meet lots of people that definitely touch your life, or you will touch theirs. Every client has a different experience, different stories, you will know them entirely in one day and share each other lives. I love what I work, it’s not only about the money then, but the happiness you get, or you’ll give. Some people judge me because of the field I choose, but they never knew how important it is to me. It does not only helps me financially but emotionally.


My career changes me into something better, the thing I never expected before. I thought I would be hiding in my shell all of my life, distance myself to people and be a loner. I became an open-minded, try to fulfill my dreams and others. I fill others emotionally and physically lack and made their fantasy came true. I gave what I can, and help as much as possible. Most people thought it was a dirty job, where in fact it wasn’t, people poison others mind to hate about us. But for some people who choose to stay and book us, they knew who are we. We aren’t just any ladies out there you can be in a night, do everything you want with your own terms, etc. We aren’t like that; an agency manages us. We are a group of highly professional escort that will help you in all possible ways. Some men who tried to book us is not only about business matters, some of them are dealing with personal issues. Some already develop depression, and almost committed suicide. Look, the central fact here is, we tried to help people that most people don’t understand. We gave them happy that they can’t find to others. We made them whole again, after a painful breakup, business failure, family problems, etc.


One of the days I never forget as a Heathrow escort is when an Argentinians people came over to Heathrow, and stop over to our agency, and book each Heathrow escorts. They were many, all of them are handsome and sexy. I can’t explain my feelings when Jason Bret, choose me to become his escort. It was like a prince charming coming over me and became his lady for a night. I really prepared that night; it was Monding morning when these hot men come over at our agency. Their voice and tone are sexy too; their muscles were like speaking to me, their lips were like cherries, feels so smooth and pink. And the back of my mind, hoping that these men chooses me for a night. Until Jason, speaks and wink at his choice, it was me. Yes, he wants me. I can’t believe that it’s my first time to get excited and nervous at the same time. All the girls giggle with these handsome men, and each of us wants to accompany them.


I still got time to buy what to wear later. So, I immediately go to the mall and pick the best dress that suits me. I want to look attractive more then so I choose a red sexy back dress., paired with my chalany heels given by one of my clients. Some clients give presents when you become close, and touch their lives. So, its very usual for us to receive such gifts without even asking,


Two hours earlier before he fetches me, I already ready myself to see him. I do my make up and wear everything. After a few hours, my cell phone rang, it was Jason calling me, asking if I were ready. The Argentinians also book a place to bring us into; it’s like a victory party for them. I said yes, and he comes to the area I asked him I wait. He looks so goddamn gorgeous on his suit, he was very attractive, and can’t help but stare at him all night. When we got to the venue, I saw all Heathrow escorts with their respective partners; it was a fun night, and full of great people.


Jason and his co-Argentinians look so hot and beautiful. It was a memorable night to all of us Heathrow escorts when Argentinians stopover. They are so sexy.